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Cadiz 2021

Touring Andalucía. More 90s and 80s classics on the setlist, more and more rock'n'roll and FUN !


Cadiz 2021

Touring Andalucía. More 90s and 80s classics on the setlist, more and more rock'n'roll and FUN !


Rocking the Emirates

Proud to be playing in Sky View Club in Doha for cellebrating the end of Ramadan. We are getting more and more international day by day. Very special thanks to our special guest and friend, Elize van der Horst

Ibiza tour


Rocking the house in the white island

Grupo de música para bodas y eventos

We are your band

Maikelnaits rocks the event !

BMW - MINI Event

A strong British brand and presentation required a very 'brit' and powerful overview of the british music legacy, since Beatles, passing through Human League, until Blur and Oasis.

So BMW and MINI hired us for their opening party of its corporate headquarters in Spain with 1300 guests.

And we got very good reviews in 'La Vanguardia' '

Modular and scalable band

Our drum kit and Samplers allows us to adapt the volume to the needs of your event.

If your event is concevived in a quiet mood (for networking or so), we adapt the volume and repertoire to the circunstances

If your event requires action, we took advantage of the full power of our 1000 watts gear for more Rock & Roll!

Because the most important thing is the success of your event, not the band!.

Wedding Band Barcelona

Wedding Band Barcelona - Maikelnaits

Regular wedding bands suck. You want to know why? Because regular wedding bands are playing at 150 weddings per year. Planning a wedding? Are you looking for a band in Barcelona or around? Here is the coolest rock and roll covers band, 50 miles around Barcelona. Check our song list and videos.

Hiring a regular wedding bands sucks because regular wedding bands are playing at 150 weddings per year, and therefore for them, playing in your most special day of your life it's not going to be special at all, it's gonna be -sorry to say- routinary, charmless and boring.

We love music but we have other jobs. We do this because we love music and we love to have fun making music. So that is the reason we do really very few gigs per year. We want our performances to be fresh and special everytime. Special like your very special day. We have fun, your people have fun and that energy you can feel and touch it in every single song we play

We live in Barcelona, we rock and we know everything about covering rock and roll hits from the 80s 90s, for a very very special wedding!

You are probably now planning your wedding and you want to make it a very special event. That is the reason why you may have us, because we are special. This is not a 100% all year round eclusively dedicated covers band. Our drummer is a Filmmaker, our singer works in Real Estate and the guitarrist is a SEO specialist. But together we make magic! Check our videos. We don't have the standard 'wedding band' mood. We are something very special and we play very few times a year, for pure enjoyment of music. This is the reason why you can have a very special band in your very special wedding.

We are not available through any wedding planner, because we are a band for a special wedding!

And yes, we can provide the pop covers band you were looking for.

Wedding Band Barcelona

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