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80s covers band in Qatar

Are you looking for 80s covers band in Qatar?

We can provide that kind of show and fun you are looking for.

80s covers band with an ability to entertein and make your guests and audience have a great time they will not forget.

Maikelnaits is 80s covers band with so much experience. Our members have spent long time over the stages all over the world. All of them can handle multiple styles and perform several instruments, in different styles but specially 80s covers band

80s covers band, dance never stops

Maikelnaits we have the equipment and the means to deploy all our potential in the Qatar and surroundings.

Maikelnaits we can deploy a truly musical experience, a sonic landscape full of nostalgia and feeling, with synths and sounds to impact the audience. Let's dance !

80s covers band, fun never ends

Maikelnaits we can play as a DUO or TRIO and also can provide aditional musicians for a more impact presentation.

Our 80s covers band performances are a journey through the soundtrack of our lives.

If you give us some time, we can also prepare some aditional songs specially for your event.